Instagram – Twitter Print Station

Live Instagram – Twitter Hastag Print Station

Crowd source your event photos and capture moments from many angles! Guests can now take photos from their smartphones and instantly view and print photos with your own custom template and branding. Imagine all the creative possibilities by having your guests become your personal photographers!


Generic placeholder imageGuests take photos with the most popular photo app on the market, Instagram. Everyone at your event becomes a photographer! Harness the power of Instagram and Twitter for your event by incorporating what your guests love, photos of themselves! Your guests view and/or print their Instagram/Twitter photos live at your event. INSTANT photos with your logo, messaging, and hashtag provide amazing entertainment and branding benefits.


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We let you crowd source your event photos. It’s simple. Just pick a hashtag and tell your guests to tag their photos and upload them to Instagram or Twitter. All your guests need is Cell Phone, iPad or Android Tablet. Select a unique memorable #HASTAG for your event and start collecting the memories on Instagram or Twitter.


Generic placeholder imageWe monitor Instagram and Twitter for photos (& videos) matching that hashtag and automatically download them. We display them on screen allowing your guests to print them with your own custom template and branding. We utilize Instagram and Twitter as platforms for your guests to take part in creating an enormous photo album of your event online as well as giving them the opportunity to take home a printed memento of the occasion. Whether it is a Wedding, a Corporate event, or just a regular party, we will get your guests talking!